Hiatus of Sorts

I really should have made this sooner considering I haven't posted anything here in close to a year, so sorry about that. I kept telling myself I'd make this post just to end up posting something new in a week so I guess I just kept putting it off. But I just submitted my university applications and I still have a lot left to do on my portfolio and even more stuff to do at school so I can pretty much say for sure I won't be around pretty much at all for the next at least 6 months. I might be back a bit after I graduate in June (214 days!) but I can't say for sure. So yeah, see you guys in a while, I'm going to go back to lurking on Gos.


About a year ago I created a tumblr for my sims stuff but mostly forgot about it until recently. I don't update it very often and when I do it's mostly just me reblogging other people's stuff but I plan on posting some of my own stuff soon (I think...). So, yeah, I'll probably be a lot more active over there than here considering I haven't opened my game in ages due to computer problems...
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